Thekla Wilkening

When I was 25 I co-founded my first company: Kleiderei. Germanys first fashion-access-over-ownership model, meaning: we rented out fashion in a monthly subscription - based on the vision of a circular economy. Jumping into the position of a CEO for 6 years made me learn more than I could’ve ever imagined in a time running faster and faster, not only meaning lifecycles of textiles. With increasing digitalization in all markets chances are growing for more sustainability, traceability and circularity. But how to keep track? Thats where we come in. With expertise in founding, circularity, creative ideas for content, concepts and community building we are here to help you initialize and finalize your ideas. No matter if you haven’t even started yet—or if you’re the boss of a company seeking for new impulses.

I feel supersonic,
give me gin & tonic

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